Aldenham School, Founded 1597


Aldenham Nursery Admissions

The Head and Deputy Head of the Prep School like to meet all prospective parents and we encourage you to make an appointment for a tour of the school so that you can see at first hand why Aldenham is so special.

Aldenham Nursery offers full day or part time sessions for children from the age of 3. At this age the children are expected to be toilet trained and no longer in nappies.  There are two Nursery rooms staffed by a team of highly qualified Early Years Practitioners and the support of an Early Years Teacher.

There is no assessment as part of the entry into Aldenham Nursery. However, should you wish to keep your child at Aldenham, entry into the Reception Class cannot be guaranteed and will be dependent on internal assessment.

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Children may be registered at any age by completing the Registration Form and paying the £100 registration fee.  Registering does not guarantee a place in the Nursery, it simply places a child on the waiting list. 

If you have tried to register recently and been unsuccessful with payment - please do try again - but follow the steps below:

1. Please empty your Browser Cache and History
2. Please do not use Internet Explorer, as this is not supported by our processor (or almost any other) now. Chrome is the most secure.
3. Once you have clicked the pay/submit button - please do be patient. There is a lot happening in the background. It should process within a minute or two and should display a 'Please Wait' icon.

If you do have problems (which we sincerely hope will not be the case!) - please email and let us know. It would be really helpful if you could tell us:

1. Which device and platform you were using (eg. Apple iPhone, IOS 12, or Windows Desktop running Windows 10 etc.)
2. Which browser (eg. Mac Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.)
3. Exactly which stage things failed and what happened.

Ms Embers
Nursery Administrator
01923 851664

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Priority without guarantee, subject to places being available, will be given to siblings provided they are registered at least three months before the anticipated starting date, and whose brother or sister is attending the Nursery or Prep school when he/she starts. This priority only applies to the offer of a place, not to the allocation of morning or afternoon sessions. If parents wish to send siblings to the Nursery we strongly recommend they are registered as early as possible.

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